Concentrated Nitric Acid:

Thana Acid and Chemical Company is a leading industrial chemicals industry based in Mumbai area, India. We manufacturer, exporter and supplier of concentrated nitric acid, which apply to manufacture of chemical nitroglycerine and cellulose based explosives product and manufacture of organic synthesis, dyes and so on.

Concentrated Nitric Acid Specifications

HNO3 concentration

98.5 % by wt. minimum

Sulphate as H2SO4

200 ppm maximum

HNO2 or Nitrous Oxide

500 ppm maximum

Cl as Chloride

10 ppm maximum.

Residue on Ignition

500 ppm maximum.

Heavy Metal as Pb

To pass the test

Specific Gravity

1.5 at 25 deg C



UN No.




• Broadly utilized in the manufacture of Organic Synthesis, Dyes, Drugs, Explosives, cellulose Nitrate, Nitrate salt, Nitro Benzene, Nitro Chloro benzene, Aniline, TDI and also the Nitro Toluene, Nitro Derivatives, Acrylic Fibre, Dyestuff and also Dye Intermediates, Photo Engraving, Oxidizer in Liquid Rocket Propellants, etc.

• Due to low Nitrous and also Iron content, it is ideally suited for Nitro-Glycerine based explosives and Nitro-Cellulose explosives fabricate.


Packaging and Supply

Supplied in tankers made of Aluminium / SS 6mm Thickness min.