Monochloro Acetic Acid:

Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA) also known as Chloroacetic Acid is a molecular formula of CICH2CO2. Thana Acid manufactures and supply of mono chloro acetic acid.

Monochloro acetic acid (MCA) acting a major role and the manufactures of various products which are well known and important in our daily lives. Monochloroacetic acid also available commercially in a water solution. Monochloro acetic acids an instant compound that preserve experience different reaction to the random of a number of intermediary.

Most important markets for mono chloro acetic acid and its derivatives include drilling fluids, surfactants, textiles, food processing, construction, herbicides, plastic stabilizers and pharmaceuticals. The monochloro acetic acid marketplace will be continuous to be motivated by the Chinese marketplace. Used as an intermediate in pharmaceuticals, textile auxiliaries and manufactures of esters and carboxyl methyl cellulose.

Monochloroacetic Acid Specifications:


White color Flakes.


Soluble in water, chloroform and alcohol.

Melting Range

60 – 61.5°C

Moisture Content (% w/w)

NMT 0.50 percent

Assay Chemically (% w/w)

NLT 99.0 percent

Purity (By GLC)

MCA NLT 99.0 %
DCA NMT 0.50 %
Acetic Anhydride NMT-0.50 %


*DCA - Di Chloro Acetate
*MCA – Mono Chloro Acetic Acid