Nitrogen Based Fertilizer:

Nitrogen based fertilizer is can be used for plants to help them grow especially if the soil they are rooted to does not have enough nutrients. Providing enough nutrients they will be able to go through there different growing stages and perform better through the photosynthesis. Nitrogen Fertilizer refers to one of the most common categories of fertilizers produced out of nitrogen chemical combinations. To be considered as an organic fertilizer, the plant nutrient must contain 5% minimum of nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas representing 78% of the earth atmosphere.

Fertilizer is the material of natural and synthetic antigen that is useful to soils and to plant tissues. To provide one and made plant nutrients necessary to the growth of plant fertilizers improve the growth of plants. Fertilizer is any raw material of natural and synthetic antigen additional of the soil to provide one and made plant nutrients.Made than 80% of the fertilizers used in this country are complete of the nitrogenous fertilizers, particularly urea.

All nitrogen based fertilizers are made from the ammonia (nh3), which is produced by the haber-bosch process. In this energy-intensive process, natural gas (ch4) supplies the hydrogen and the nitrogen (n2) is resulting from the air. Ammonia or ammonium hydroxide is used as a feedstock find all other nitrogen based fertilizers, such as anhydrous ammonium nitrate, which has the chemical formula is nh4no3) and urea, which has the chemical formula is (co(nh2)2). Deposits of sodium nitrate (nano3) are also establishing the Atacama Desert in Chile and was one of the nitrogen-rich fertilizers used. It is still mined and fertilizer.

The nitrogen based fertilizer in can is made up by the slow ammonium nitrogen and the fast nitrate nitrogen at equal ratio, there found, it can be applied and both top dressing and basic fertilization fund any kind of soil types and vegetation.Important nitrogenous fertilizers are such as Ammonium Sulphate, Ammonium phosphate, Calcium Cyanamid, and Urea etc.

The principal nitrogen based fertilizer products are, Ammonia - used as a fertilizer and as a building block and other nitrogen products, including intermediate products and industrial applications and finished fertilizer products. Urea – and med by reacting ammonia with carbon dioxide co2 at high pressure. From the warm urea liquid produced in the first. Calcium nitrate (CN) – produced by dissolving a calcium salt such as limestone and the calcium phosphate of phosphate rock in nitric acid. A long-term effect of all the ammonium based on the nitrogen fertilizers is to lower soil ph. Anhydrous ammonia, urea, ammonium phosphate, and nitrogen solutions, when the first applied, greatly but the tempandarily increase soil ph in the zone of application. The nitrogen in urea is completely water-soluble. Upon application, urea nitrogen changes rapidly to nh4-n. Urea nitrogen trend is readily available to the any plants on application to the soil.

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