Preservative Chemicals:

Preservative chemicals are utilized for various purposes in many foods. Common purposes are chemical preservatives used in food include mold inhibition, spoilage retardation, flavour protection, general preservation and color retention. It is substances which, under certain conditions. Many chemicals can kill micro-organisms or stop their growth, however, most of those are not allowed in foods. But Acetic Acid can apply for preserving in food.

Retaining food over a period of time without being contaminated by pathogenic organisms and chemicals and without the losing its color, texture, flavour and nutritious value. "Preservative" means a substance which when added to food, is capable of inhibiting, retarding or arresting the process of fermentation, acidification or other decomposition of food.Preservation is in one hand is saved to the product and anything from junk and also it’s the process of protecting something from loss and danger.Chemical food preservatives are substance which, under certain conditions, also delay the growth of germs without necessarily destroying them and avoid purpose of quality during manufacture and distribution. The farmer group includes some natural food constituents which, when additional of foods, retard and check the growth of germs.

In general preservation is implemented in two modes, chemical and physical. Chemical preservation entails addition of chemical compounds to the product. Physical preservation entails refrigeration and drying.Some chemicals are added to check the growth of germs.It has been normal to classify chemicals into food and preservation purpose as ‘intentional additives’. Chemical food preservation is applied to foods as direct additions through processing, and develops by themselves through processes such as fermentation.The reason of using this chemicals agents as a preservative is to retard food spoilage caused by micro-organism who has estimated that 20% of the food is lost by this type of spoilage.

Some preservation has been used also and by chance and intentionally and centuries and included salt, sugar,acids, alcohols and smokes. There are some other methods of food preservation that are used in the food industry and require special tools for example, irradiation and vacuum packing.In addition to preservation these compounds add to the quality and categorization of the products and are applied through processing procedures such as salting, curing, and smoking.Salting, sugaring and smoking this all are the methods of curing foods. Curing is a general term that covers all these types of food preservation.Preservation of food products containing chemical food preservatives is frequently based on the joint and synergistic activity of several additives, intrinsic product parameters and extrinsic factors (e.g. processing temperature, stand age environment and temperature).

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